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Saturday 8am to 4pm
Sunday Closed

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Double Cappuccino Ice Cream
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Our Coffee

All our coffee products, whether ground or whole bean, share the same beginning at Petaluma Coffee Company. They arrive at our roastery in 100 to 160 pound burlap bags as green coffee beans from coffee producers around the world. Most travel the last 40 miles or so from our San Francisco importers in the back of our pickup truck or van. A few are actually delivered to us by the farmers who grow the beans. Our relationship with them is an interesting story in itself.

One of our goals is to develop closer ties to the people who grow the coffee beans that we roast We have two small drum roasters which can roast a maximum of about 20 pounds of coffee at a time.

Every batch is roasted under the watchful eye of our roastmaster, Brian Patel. We do not use any of the fancy high tech gadgets to insure super precise roasting standards. We rely on the eye, the nose, the experience, the care, and the highly developed roasting artistry of Brian to insure that the beans that leave our little roasters will result in a wonderfully delicious experience in the cup.


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