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Monday to Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm
Saturday 8am to 4pm
Sunday Closed

Petaluma Perks

Double Cappuccino Ice Cream
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Other Retail Products and Services

At Petaluma Coffee and Tea Company we provide you with an extensive selection of custom roasted Arabica beans from all over the world. We hold a close connection with our brokers and allow only the finest quality of green beans to be roasted for you fresh in small batches under the close watch of our roastmaster, Brian Patel. We remain the only local fair trade coffee roasters in Petaluma after starting in 1989. We roast daily to ensure our customers receive only the freshest beans of their choice. We do a variety of blends and roasts that enhance the natural flavors within each bean to give you the perfect coffee in a cup.

Retail Products and Services

1. Coffee Services for events and parties
2. Selection of coffee brewing methods
3. Home espresso machine accessories
4. Coffee mugs and thermoses
5. Tea accessories
6. Tea pots and kettles
7. Tea infusers
8. Seasonal gifts
9. And much more.

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